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The Ontario Tactical Advisory Body was established based on the recommendations made during the CARLSEN Coroners Inquest in 1983. The recommendations of the inquest included that an “administrative body” be established to formulate provincial-wide policies, procedures and training for all tactical units.

In 1986 OTAB was formed and the first inaugural OTAB meeting was held at Ontario Police College with the goal of setting “standards” for tactical teams.

In 1988 during the BASTEIN Coroner’s Inquest, a number of recommendations were brought forward by the jury which included that OTAB be made a PERMANENT body for tactical units holding regular meetings to exchange information and improve the areas of training, training facilities and equipment for tactical units.

Since 1986, OTAB has facilitated communication, information sharing, training /learning of the latest and best tactical practices to all our membership of tactical teams. This has been achieved through facilitating and advertising cost effective training courses, tactical debriefs, lessons learned at major incidents, meetings, website correspondence to the membership and our Canadian Tactical Conference.

In 2011, OTAB became a recognized body/association by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and October 2013 after establishing a foundation and great working relationship with the NTOA Board of Directors and membership, set a historical achievement and milestone to have Canadian members/teams of NTOA have a vote in their elections commencing 2014.

OTAB currently has 36 membership tactical teams across the Province of Ontario and are continuing to expand to include units in Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Membership Teams range from 6 member Containment Units to 90 member Hostage Rescue Teams, as well as Armed Tactical Security Units.

Our executive is comprised of 5 volunteer members that are current members of POLICE/NRT tactical units throughout the Province of Ontario.

We are committed to professionalism and excellence.

Excellence Through Training – Excellence Through Teamwork.



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