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Tactical Leadership Development

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NEXT COURSE DATES:  MAY 15 – 18, 2017


Training will include:

  • Lectures
  • Open discussions
  • Practical leadership drills
  • Student Group Presentations
  • Guest Speaker presentations
  • Key Note Speaker presentation
  • Morning and evening fitness sessions
  • Events will vary from 50 minutes to 120minutes in length.
  • Most will be 50 minutes with a 10-minute break between events.

 Training Topics:

  • Leadership
  • Command
  • Management
  • Communications
  • Team Dynamic
  • Humans under Stress
  • Lifestyle, Stress, Health and Fitness
  • Integration from Tactical to Strategic Levels for Success Recruiting, selection and training
  • Basic stretching and fitness activities

 Lead Instructor Biography

Bio Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Steve Nash

Steve Nash recently retired from the Canadian Forces after over 24 years of full time military experience in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. As a specialist infantry officer he has commanded soldiers at the platoon (approximately 40 soldiers) and company (approximately 150 soldiers) level and unit level (approximately 600 soldiers) and has served on exercises and operations across Canada, the US and internationally. Steve has participated in the Canadian Army’s unarmed combat program since 1989 and has been the lead instructor for 3 combat arms units, including the Canadian Airborne Regiment. During a two-year exchange tour with the Parachute Regiment of the British Army he had the opportunity to complete the British Army Arrest and Restraint Instructor Course. In 2003, he completed his Master’s Degree with a thesis on Close Quarter Combat and was recently graded to 7th Degree black belt in Shotokan Karate after almost 30 years of martial arts training. He spent 2 years as an instructor at the Army’s Command and Staff College in Kingston preparing army Captains for sub unit command and spent the last portion of his career with Canadian Special Operation Forces Command as an Operations Officer, Deputy Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer with the Canadian Forces’ two special mission counter terrorism units. Further, he was employed as an instructor in the St Lawrence College Law and Security program and has done a number of tasks for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, mainly related to use of force, leadership and incident command. Steve considers himself a student of human nature, leadership, and group dynamic studies and enjoys the opportunity to learn, discuss and teach these important topics. While hampered by some long-term injuries, Steve also believes in the inherent connection between physical fitness and the balance of a successful and rewarding life. He 1st became involved with the OTAB Tactical Team Leaders’ Course in 2005 when he created and led the conduct of the initial serial.


Positive attitude and lots of it plus a desire/ability to learn and share. A desire to face and overcome challenges!

A capacity to operate as a leader and a team member.



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