Ontario Tactical Advisory Body

Ontario Tactical Advisory Body

Ontario Tactical Advisory Body Ontario Tactical Advisory Body Ontario Tactical Advisory Body

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About OTAB

Ontario Tactical Advisory Body

The Ontario Tactical Advisory Body is branch of the Association of the Ontario Chiefs of Police. We currently have 36 member Teams across the Province and are growing to include Units in Quebec Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The Member Teams range from 6 member Containment Teams to 90 member Hostage Rescue Teams, as well as Armed Tactical Security.  Our executive in comprised of 6 Volunteer members throughout the province.

The Body was established from the recommendations made during a Coroners Inquest in 1987. The recommendations were that Tactical Units across the Province need to form an organized Body with the mandate to provide a voice and a venue for the Tactical Community in Ontario.

This Body will facilitate Communication, and the Sharing, Learning the latest and best Tactical practices to all the member units. This done through facilitating and advertising cost effective training courses, tactical debriefs, lessons learned at major incidents, quarterly meeting, and our website.

We are the voice of the Ontario Tactical Community in Ontario and feel that we have succeeded in doing so while growing our organization.

Ontario Tactical Advisory Body

2020 Canadian Tactical Conference

The Ontario Tactical Advisory Body (OTAB) will be hosting our 11th Annual two day conference and Trade Expo at Blue Mountain Conference Centre in Collingwood, Ontario on June 3 & 4, 2020.

The conference is open to tactical officers, K9 officers, frontline officers, law enforcement trainers and military personnel. 

2020 Conference Highlights

Great Venue


We will be hosting our 11th annual conference at Blue Mountain Resort (BMR) in Collingwood, ON.    BMR is a great conference partner and is a premier all-season adventure destination that will make you want more and never want to leave.

Tactical Debriefs


Our conferences offer great tactical debriefs from around the world.  The debriefs provide an in depth overview and perspectives of police related topics that will ensure our attendees can take away valuable information they can apply to their own environment

Tactical Training


OTAB provides great tactical training and courses that our membership and police officers require.   Training both theory/classroom based as well practical training.   Our training is designed and provided by qualified police members as well as tactical partners including MD Charlton and Traditional Excellence.

Great Vendor Trade Area


Our vendor trade area is one of a kind!  All of our conference is based around the vendor area including the nightly socials and breaks, which ensures interaction with all our attendees. 

Live Entertainment


We like to "spice up" our social events for our attendees with live entertainment for all to enjoy a night of networking.  This year we have secured BARSTOOL CONFESSION.  They have recently been a supporting act for Lee Aaron, Teenage Head and Loverboy.  It will be a fun night!

Run 2 The Summit


Each year at the end of day one, our attendees take part in our own unique charity run to the top of Blue Mountain Ski hills though scenic trails on the resort property.  Once at the top, runners get refreshments and can win prizes.  All funds raised are donated to a police related charity.


Tactical Training

For the 2020 Conference we are offering the following courses:

  1. Mechanical Breaching
  2. Less Lethal Instructor 
  3. Next Level Tactical Leadership Course


Tactical Debriefs

Please click on the link below to view a list of this years tactical debriefs.

Additional Tactical debriefs will be listed as they are confirmed and finalized.  

2020 CTC Registration (JUNE 3/4, 2020)

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